Our Story

Fast and convenient are the cornerstones of our active world. Eating out is more common than ever and the trend continues to grow. Because of our busy lifestyles, “fast food” establishments are often the restaurants of choice. And while certainly convenient, fast food restaurants have been widely criticized by the media and the public in general for serving unhealthy and high fat foods. These days, more and more Americans are looking to make smarter and healthier food choices. But we also want food that delights our palates, accommodates our schedules and can be available with little effort.

With this in mind, Doug Nelson and George Metos — Utah natives and lifelong friends — observed the dilemma faced by people who are on the run without meaningful and healthy fast food options. They, too, were frustrated. Why wasn’t the demand being addressed? Why were no health-conscious, delicious and convenient fast food restaurants available? After much study, Doug and George decided it was time to give people what they wanted and the idea of au naturale™ was born. But, as innovators, they knew serving healthier food options would not be enough. They insisted on masterfully bringing together the most unique combination of new food trends, innovative products, quick convenient service and warm, comfortable surroundings along with a drive-thru window to add more punch to their already healthful approach.

    • Naturally Fast – You will receive your order in less than three minutes.


    • Naturally Delicious – Trust us on this one! Our super talented chef has designed each item on our menu with optimal flavor combinations and whole, natural and fresh ingredients.


    • Naturally Healthy – We reject artificial anything and use whole and natural ingredients. We also source organic and local products whenever possible. All menu items are lower in fat, sodium and calories than other fast casual and quick service restaurants. We don’t even have a fryer!


  • Naturally Innovative – We offer many of the latest food trends sweeping the country like acai berry tart yogurt, oven-roasted sweet potato fries, lavash flatbread, red espresso and health sodas.

In short, au naturale™ is truly an innovative new-concept restaurant that is long overdue. Is it too good to be true? No, it’s about time.